Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Colleague Corner

The Colleague Corner
By Laura Morcone, Associate Director of Admissions at SUNY Orange

A new look at our friends and colleagues throughout SUNY.  Get to know one another. Whether it be a familiar face, or someone you have never met, that is what I am trying to do.

Meet Meylin Andares

Meylin was the first person I met “on the road” when I first got hired at SUNY Oneonta. The first fair I did was at Kellenberg HS in Nassau County, Long Island, and Meylin was a table next to me (representing SUNY Albany).  We introduced ourselves, and then our friendship took off as I quickly knew everything about Meylin in just about 5 minutes (she is not shy).
She invited me, along with about 10 other counselors, to Champs (which was across the street) for food and drinks.  She is magnetic, and I know you will see why. She has been in her new job at SUNY Central for less than 1 year, and she is already making a difference.

What is your current title?
My title is Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success for SUNY System. I focus on providing resources to underrepresented populations in order to secure a college education.

When did you start?
I started in June 2016.

Coming from U Albany, how has admissions-related work assisted you in the transition into your new role?
My time at UAlbany Undergraduate Admissions helped me to learn the vast framework behind higher education. This has allowed me to gain a unique perspective which can be applied to my new role. This includes recruitment, networking and understanding what a student needs to be successful. 

What do you miss most about not being in admissions anymore?
What I miss most are my colleagues, Admissions peers and most importantly the students. I would also have to include traveling to high schools and helping students/families with the college application process. Being a part of getting students accepted into UAlbany/EOP Program has been highly fulfilling to me. 

What are your long-term goals for this new job?
Some of my long-term goals include developing new initiatives across SUNY System, assuring underrepresented students have the best resources available to them and bridging the gap between campuses and non-profit organizations. 

What has been one defining moment in your professional career?
One of the most defining moments of my professional career has been successfully achieving the increased EOP freshmen class size by 250 students. This accomplishment helped broaden my skills and ability to do more as a higher education professional. 

What does your typical day look like?  Is there such a thing?
An average day consists of meetings, site visits, conference calls and webinars. This includes after work networking events. 

What professor/staff member had the most impact on you during college, and why?
The staff member that had the most impact on me during college was Cesar Sanchez. Cesar was the New York City Admissions representative for UAlbany. He recruited me as a high school senior to attend the University. Afterwards, he remained a mentor assisting me in many ways. He encouraged me to apply as a tour guide which introduced me to the world of Admissions. 

What are you most proud of professionally?
What I am most proud of professionally is my leap from Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions to Director of Enrollment Management and Student Success. My new role allows me to create change on a much larger scale

What are you most proud of personally?
What I am most proud of personally is being an immigrant. My parents brought me here from Managua, Nicaragua to have a better life and more opportunities. They worked hard, instilled the importance of an education and taught me the simple motto, "One person can make a difference". 

For fun:
If you become President of the United States someday, what is the first thing you would do?
If I would be President of the United States one day, the first thing I would do is to hold a national vote in order to pressure Congress to pass the Dream Act. This would be my first act as President due to my experience as an immigrant, becoming a citizen and following the American Dream. 

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